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"We are working with Stuart Whitehall since 2006 and thanks to him and his professional team, our worldwide customers are able to increase their yield in mushroom growing. In my opinion Nutrigain has the expertise and ambition to help in finding solutions in the mushroom business constantly. Because of Nutrigains wide variety in products, both grain and liquid supplements, we can always advise our customer in every situation."
        Mr. Han Welten, Managing Director DTO BV, Holland

"We have known and worked alongside Stuart Whitehall now for over 20 years and value his expertise in many areas of the commercial mushroom world.  We are regular users of Sporekill which we find to be more than adequate.  We are currently working very closely with Stuart evaluating the effectiveness of his supplements in our Exotic Mushroom Substrates."
        Tim Livesey, Livesey Bros, UK.

“We have been using MycroNutrient in all our crops for a little over 4 years when Stuart asked us to test it while they were establishing their patents for it. We have been very happy with the results, we feel we get better quality mushrooms and timing coming into crop is at least 24 hours earlier. This was very apparent last year when a shipment was delayed and we ran out for 2 weeks. We are happy to endorse MycroNutrient Liquid”
        Lorenzo & Anna Maria Piccioni, Piccioni Bros, Canada

  “We have been using MycroNutrient for some time now. The biggest difference we see is in the predictability of pinning. The mycelium stops quicker, it pins quicker and the casing remains in better condition for watering next flushes. We have more mushrooms in the first flush of good quality.”
        James Rothwell, Rothwell Mushrooms, UK

"We've been using Sporekill for many years now and we believe that it’s the best disinfectant available. Stuart is very helpful in all matters and always available."
        Rissos Kyriakides, Kyriakides Mushrooms, Cyprus

“We have just completed another trial of MycroNutrient on our farm and the results were exceptional compared to the untreated sister crop. We gained an extra €1000 revenue on the 1st flush alone with better quality mushrooms as well. It pinned up every bit as heavy on 2nd flush with lovely solid mushrooms. Getting the right pinning level will be easy enough to manage as we get to know the product.”
        Michael Costello, Crosserlough Mushrooms, Ireland

"We are using Natural Gold every week. We like the fact that it is totally natural and we are getting good results and great quality. We are pleased to endorse Nutrigain’s products."
        Mike Medeiros, Carleton Mushrooms Farms, Ottawa, Canada

"We observed the following results with Liquid Gold in phase 2 compost over 18 of our grower customers

  1. Faster overgrowth of compost (1-2 days)
  2. Faster growth
  3. Stronger and better quality fruit bodies. As a result of which better price for mushrooms
  4. Better yields – 0.34 – 0.74kg more per block with Liquid Gold
  5. Improving the selectivity of the substrate (lower risk of green mold on the substrate with Liquid Gold"
  6.      Wlodzimierz Przydrozny, Rolko, Poland


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